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Hi everybody! I want to apologize for not posting in a long time. I promise I will have part 2 of “The Dream Machine” up soon.

Stay safe,
Hannah Grace

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The Dream Machine (Part 1)

Time is strange when you are dreaming. Sometimes the whole night goes by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes it feels like you have been dreaming for hours and only a couple minutes have passed by. Not very many people think about this strange thing. But this man, Scott Steward, thought about it quite a lot. He had thought of many different theories of why this happens. He thought of a most reasonable reason that most normal people would agree with. You just go into a moment of unconsciousness and are unable to keep track of the time that goes by. Scott Steward is a very thoughtful man. People call him imaginative, some even call him crazy. But Scott Steward is not crazy. He just can see and think about things that the normal cannot. He uses more of his brain than an average person does. So the theory that he sticks with is that when you go to sleep at night, you travel to a different world where anything can happen. A place where time does not exist. Some people call him insane when he tells them his main theory. Other people just laugh like he’s joking. But Scott Steward is definitely not joking. He is determined to prove his theory, even if it takes the rest of his life.

Scott Steward is going to prove his theory. He just needs a dream machine to do it. The dream machine is going to be built to take him to this other world while he is still conscious. Scott Steward considers this very dangerous. Although he is exceptionally smart in many areas, he is not the adventurous type. He needs to find someone who does not think he is nuts that can go with him into this world. You see, Scott Steward, does not want to go to this world alone. He wants a trustworthy, brave, strong partner. He has had many people offer to go with him into this world, but none of them pass the bravery test. Everyone must pass the test. It has been 4 years, and not one person has passed his bravery test. He is almost losing hope. But today he will find his hope. But he will find it in the last person he thought he would.

It is mid-afternoon and Scott Steward is taking a nap. He always takes a nap. It helps his brain, and it also helps him go into that world so he can learn new things about it. He is right about to see something very spectacular in his dream when his doorbell rings. When Scott Steward gets woken up, he is a cranky man. He is not in the mood for another wimpy guy who is not going to pass the test. So he just closes his eyes again and drifts back to sleep. Then again he is awakened by the doorbell and a big loud knock. By this time Scott Steward is irritated. He jumps and runs to the door, tears it open, and hollers, “What?!”

As soon as he sees who is at the door he wishes he could take back his word. For it is a young women, mid-twenties, brown hair, very pretty. “I’m sorry,” He apologizes, “I have just risen from a nap! Please come in!” “Thank you!” She said, “I am Elizabeth Corrington and I would like to accompany you into this world of yours.”

Elizabeth Corrington was from England. Scott Steward thinks she has a beautiful English accent. He can’t help but laugh at the fact that a young women from England wants to go into the world with him. He knows that she won’t pass the test, but he does not want to be rude to a lady. So he says, “Of course I would let you, Ms. Corrington, but you must pass the bravery test for me to even consider you.”

“Oh, I’m quite sure I can do that, Mr Steward.” She replies.

Scott Steward can not picture a woman going through his strenuous bravery test. But he can’t say no to a lady. So unwillingly he allows her to try but says multiple times that if she wants to stop she can. She keeps assuring him that she is quite sure that she can do it. And she is right. She passes the bravery test, and she does it in a record time.

“Now,” she says, “when do I start, Mr Steward?”

Even though, Elizabeth passed the bravery test, he does not want her to risk her safety and maybe even her life going into the other world.

“Ms. Corrington, although you passed the bravery test I still have other options. There are many strong men that are in line to go on such an adventure.” he states.
“I was afraid you would say that.” she replies.
“Yes, Ms. Corrington you see…”

But before he could finish she interrupts him.

She says, “That is why, Mr. Steward, I looked up all about you, your theories, and your little adventure before I came. And I found that not one man from all over the world has passed your test. I have passed it, and I don’t see any people at the door. So, I am going with you.”

He is stunned by a woman from England saying that! He is speechless.
She asks, “When should I start?”
Scott Steward is so stunned that he finds himself saying,
“You can start today, I guess.”
“Ok, let me go out to the limo and get my things.”
“L-L-Limo?” he stutters.
“Oh yes, in England I am very highly known. and rich.” she states.
“Oh!” he says shocked.
“And I will provide money for you to make the dream machine.”
“You will?” he asks.
“Didn’t I just say I would? Anyway it’s getting late. I think I shall turn in. Goodnight Mr. Steward.”
“Would you like me to show you to your room?”
“I assume I shall find it on my own. Especially since you are in a state of shock. And I have no idea why you are shocked. Goodnight.”

Scott Steward is aware of how rude he is being, but he is thinking. Thinking about how thankful he is to her for saying she would provide money for his life’s work. He feels like he is going to cry tears of happiness. But what if she chickens out? What if the day they were going on their adventure she backed out? He would have to go alone. She might make him pay back all the money she donated to the cause! He needs to get some sleep. He decides to think about it all in the morning. He wants to get to his world as soon as possible.

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Thank you!

Hi! I want to thank all of you for reading my short story, Pebble’s Sacrifice. I hope you enjoyed it. I wrote Pebble’s Sacrifice when I was 10. I am in the middle of working on a new story right now. I want to thank my Dad for getting me this website to share my writing. I would also like to thank my Uncle for setting it up. I want to thank my family who encourage me everyday to keep writing. So thank you!

Hannah Grace

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Pebble’s Sacrifice (part 3)

Lexy, the shark, and the fish watched in horror as they realized that Pebble was in there all alone. Lexy started swimming toward the darkness, but the shark and the fish held her back. She screamed and hollered, fought and kicked, but it was no use. The fish and shark would not let her go. They comforted her while she was screaming for Pebble. She loved Pebble with all her heart. Now that Pebble was lost, her heart was broken. Even though Pebble was gone, Lexy would always love her with all her heart.

Moments later Lexy heard a voice whisper in her ear. It said “Light.” After she heard that, there was light everywhere. The light carried her through the water. They passed sharks, jellyfish, and many more sea animals. But they could not hurt Lexy. The light protected her from all evil. Even in the night it was as light as day. Lexy had no nightmares because of the light. She felt safe. The only saddness inside her was that Pebble was missing.

She kept searching and searching until she saw a dark spot in front of them. At that moment she knew she had reached her destination. The light had carried her through the darkest, scariest parts of the darkness. The dark spot was filled with animals. She went through animal after animal looking for Pebble. Finally, she found Pebble and was stunned to see that she was wounded in the leg. Quickly the light reached out to heal Pebble with its beam. Lexy grabbed Pebble and raced out of the darkness. The darkness felt them going out of him and chased after them in full speed. Pebble screeched at what she saw behind her. The darkness was getting bigger and bigger. What Pebble and Lexy didn’t realize was that the light always grew to be twice the size of the darkness. To Lexy’s supprise, the light stopped and set them down. He got as big as he could and held back the darkness so Lexy and Pebble could get away.

Lexy and Pebble stood there watching as the light would not let the darkness pass. Then, the light took one mighty blow and turned everything to light. The light dissapeared and left everything else pulsing with light. The darkness exploded. Everything was back to normal. Lexy started crying. The light had sacrificed itself for them. Lexy noticed that there was a little sparkle. Then, there was more. Suddenly, the light was back. The day couldn’t be better. Pebble was back, the light was brighter than ever, and she had made some new friends. What could make it better? She went back home with Pebble. She explained everything that had happened to her parents. From this day forth she was filled with joy and thankfulness.

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Pebble’s Sacrifice (Part 2)

After a couple minutes it was light again. Lexy found herself swimming under water!! She saw Pebble racing around like she knew this place by heart. Then Lexy realized that if she were under water, she couldn’t breathe! She frantically searched for some place to breathe. After one minute Lexy had to take a breath. She gasped out for air and discovered that she could breathe underwater. How strange and remarkable! Pebble nudged her telling Lexy to get on her back. Lexy got on, and they started riding in the ocean. It was incredible. All of a sudden, Lexy screamed. There was a shark coming at them! The shark came charging toward Pebble as fast as it could. Pebble ran faster towards the shark. Then to Lexy’s surprise, they started hugging each other like they knew each other. Lexy thought it was a dream. It couldn’t be possible. Then it got weirder. The shark and Pebble started screaming. They both started running at full speed. Lexy held on tight to Pebble. Lexy looked back to see what was chasing them, and there was a terrible sight. There was a fish or something with claws instead of fins, and its eyes were huge. But then Lexy saw that it was crying. Lexy screamed “STOP!” This thing is not a monster; it’s just a lonely fish looking for someone to play with. But then she noticed that Pebble, the shark, and the fish were running for their lives still. Lexy looked back even farther, and there was a black light. The darkness was heading towards them like a train. Everything behind it was pitch dark. Then the darkness turned into a hand and reached out for them! Suddenly, it looked like everything was nothing. It was darker than the darkest part of the world. Then, Lexy was out of the darkness, and the dark hand was swimming away. Not only was it swimming away, but it was also swimming away with PEBBLE!

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Pebble’s Sacrifice (Part 1)

Most stories start with once upon a time, but this story is not like most. This story could be true, or maybe it couldn’t. You will just have to read to find out. It has adventure, mystery, saddness, and happiness all in one. It’s about a girl and her horse. There is a special feeling of unity between a girl and her horse. Nothing can separate them once they are one. There is one thing I should tell you. This horse was not an ordinary horse. It was a magic horse, not the kind that could speak, but the kind that feels like magic when you ride it.

Lexy was soaring around the house on her horse, Pebble. It felt like she was flying. Every morning Lexy would ride around her town and show off her horse. One night she heard Pebble pounding her hooves on the side of the door. Something was not right. Pebble had never done that before. Suddenly, a dreadful thought came into Lexy’s mind. “What if there was an animal attacking Pebble!” Lexy felt helpless. She ran outside with her father’s gun, just in case there was an animal in the barn. The stall was open!!! Pebble was gone!! “Pebble!!” Lexy screamed. She ran through the town screaming her horse’s name thinking maybe she could hear her. But no, Pebble was gone forever. Well, at least that’s what Lexy thought. Even though she thought Pebble was gone, she could still feel Pebble as if she were there with her. That’s what happens when two are best friends.

Finally, Lexy saw a silouhette of a horse. She ran saying ” Pebble! Pebble!” The horse ran up to her and put its nuzzle in her neck. Lexy rode her around saying “I found my horse” over and over again. All of a sudden, Pebble started running for the darkest, creepiest, and biggest woods in the whole town. “Stop, Stop!” Lexy screamed, but it was no use. Pebble was running even faster. Lexy thought she was going to fall off, but of course she didn’t. It seemed liked hours, and they were still in the woods. There was no light. Lexy didn’t know if they were going in circles or going in a straight path. Lexy was crying. At least she thought she was, but she wasn’t sure.

Eventually, she found an opening. It was by an ocean. There were jellyfish, crabs, and fish in the water. It wasn’t ordinary. There were so many. Way too many. Lexy started counting them. When she got to a hundred of each, she stopped. “I’ve never seen so many,” Lexy said. Then she remembered her dad telling her a story about when he was chasing his dog. He found this ocean. It had about a thousand of each kind of fish right by the shore. Then she remebered that her dad got captured when he was on this island. Suddenly, there were people racing towards them with sticks and stones. Lexy and Pebble look into the water and find a pulsing light shining from it. Pebble and Lexy jump for it, then everything was black.

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